Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So, I'm gonna try to be a blogger...

It's finally spring and the Central Valley Greenway is almost completed. My commute used to take me down Lougheed Highway for a long stretch but with most of the work done on the greenway I can get from home to work and back on either designated bike paths or bike routes. That makes for a great ride most of the time but there still are traffic, pedestrians and other cyclists to contend with.

I ride an HP Velotechnik Street Machine Gte... (ooooh, sounds cool). It is cool. It's a short wheel base recumbent with full suspension and rides like a lazyboy on rockets. It's as fast as a bike that is this comfortable can be. And it's a mule in that it can carry a ton of crap... and I do. I've had the bike for just over a year now and I ridden over 9,000km on it. I've gone through two drive trains and am just about to replace it again for spring. I'll swap out my winter tires for something slicker while I'm at it.

This is a shot of my bike a few weeks after I bought it. It's got a few more bits on it now and is a little more lived in. I'll get a more recent shot soon.

Anyhow, I've been barking on to anyone who will listen about the joys and wonders of commuting by bike (or bent if you will) and I thought, "What the hell," maybe I'll try blogging about it. I'll try to keep the topic to cycle commuting and related subjects and I'll try to have my camera with me so it isn't all my boring blather.


  1. I wanna see more pics of that bike.

  2. Okay, I'm gonna start trying to think of something I can write about bikes!

  3. I have a Giro 20. Now that you've had the bike for a while do you still like it? Do you find in heavy at all? Would you buy it again?

  4. nice looking bike! Did you test ride or compare any other bikes before you bought the GTE? I am thinking of getting one and have little to compare to since I am new to bents


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