Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bike Trials in Scotland

Normally I'm not a big fan of this kind of cycling. When I see guys trying to pull this stuff off on the streets or bike paths I secretly want to run them off of the road. That said, if you can watch this video without being in complete awe of this this guy's amazing skill and fearlessness then you may have forgotten what adventure means.

I love how they show him actually waiting for a light to change at one point. Beyond that it would appear that the city doesn't hold too many obstacles for Danny MacAskill. This is definitely one thing that recumbents certainly can't do... I'm still trying to master hopping up onto curbs.

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  1. Truly amazing. Urban Cycling Choreography. I wonder how many calories he's consuming!
    I've never like hopping curbs myself - too afraid of getting a flat, or worse!

    When I see the courier types doing their standstills at intersections, it usually does annoy me. From a driver's point of view, they pose a serious hazard - they could roll out into the line of traffic at any moment. At least stay at the line, so it's clear you do intend to wait for the way to be clear.
    Yesterday morning, I saw this cyclist "doing laps" right at a busy intersection. Go back down the block!


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