Monday, April 13, 2009

Share your route...

When you find a great route that you like to ride over and over you (probably) don't want to keep it all to yourself. At you can be as generous with your knowledge as you want. Bikely is a great tool that lets cyclists from around the world log in and share their favourite routes. You can view the elevation profile of a ride, or get a cue sheet so you can follow the route, and all routes are available for download as .GPX files for use on a GPS device.

It's just as easy to create a route. You can upload a .GPX file or you can draw it right on the map. The routes have as much detail as the person who makes it wants there to be. Some are quite sparse while others are jammed with info about potholes, traffic and sights. When you create a route, you can include whatever information strikes your fancy.

Try using it when you're up for a ride around town but don't want to follow your old creature-of-habit ways. The routes are posted by people like us, so expect them to occasionally steer you in a strange direction. I followed a route one day that took me all over UBC, weaving and overlapping through streets and paths that I didn't know existed and led me through some paths down by the river that were very cool. I had it on my GPS so I just kept following it and it eventually got me home, having taught me a thing or two about Vancouver that I didn't know before.

So in the spirit of sharing, I offer up my contribution to Bikely. This is my favourite take-a-nice long-ride-for-lunch ride. When they open the new bike bridge that's under the Canada Line crossing the Fraser river, I'll update this route to replace the Oak street bridge crossing.

Here is the long way to a fish & chip (& beer) lunch...

Go here and start sharing your rides.

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