Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The last piece of the puzzle...

There remains a few pockets here and there that interrupt the Central Valley Greenway but the biggest one -- at least on my trek to work -- is the yet-to-be-completed bridge across Winston at Sperling. These are a couple of the architect renditions of the completed project.

In the three and half years that I have been doing this commute Winston has become increasingly busy and dangerous. Last year they repaved and finally painted bike lanes all of the way from Sperling to Caribou road. That helps, but crossing Winston to get from the bike lane to the Central Valley trail (there is a train line as well) is a sketchy business, especially on the evening commute.

It does look like they might be getting close. I have been watching, with great anticipation, the slow progress of the new pedestrian/cycling overpass that will eventually cross this danger zone and connect the trail, bike lanes and Sky Train. Right now there are three great white skeletons and some concrete ramps and yellow substructures all scattered about on either side of the road.

Here are a couple of snaps I took on the way home today of the current situation.

Looking North towards the Skytrain Station.

That's looking south past the train tracks... through my bent.

So how goes the construction on your commute?


  1. On my commute last night I was nearly killed by a Puralator semi trying to make the left hand turning light before it changed. Unfortunately for me I was ahead of him in that turning lane and he had to overtake me right in the turn. I had to stop flat out in the middle of the road to avoid being crushed under his rear trailer wheels. He was moving so fast that he almost didn't make it and his cab had to sweep through the bike lane almost to the gutter to make it.

    I was too stunned to get do anything but get off the road and collect myself. Yeah, we need more separated bike routes.

  2. My commute takes me along the 10th Ave bike route from Mount Pleasant to UBC and back. Lots of construction these days! The Cambie crossing has been a site of constant change and adventure during the Canada Line project construction. I regret never having a camera to take pictures when there was a bridge crossing over top of the line. The engineering was an awe inspiring sight.
    Now it's all level again and completion of that area seems imminent. (I say that, but you never know - it still could be a while.)
    At the other end of my commute there's construction out at UBC. Among other things, this project has to do with a new bus loop - I think.
    When I first moved to Vancouver 20 years ago I remember thinking, "Won't it be nice when they finish the construction!" Little did I realize then that construction is never finished - there's always another project. Well as long as cyclists get to reap some benefits, then I guess I shouldn't complain.


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