Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sunrise on the Greenway...

Looking east on the Central Valley Greenway 7:15 am

This is a sight that I am regularly blessed with especially at this time of year.  Too often I just lean back into my headrest (yes, my bike has a headrest... and it's not cheating), smile, take it in and keep on rolling. But this morning I remembered that I had a camera with me.  It was pretty dark so without a tripod I had some trouble holding the camera still and there was some digital noise due to the lack of illumination....  but it's still a pretty fair reflection of what I get to see many mornings while on my way to work.  It was pretty cold and early so there weren't too many other cyclists out and on this section of my commute I see few cars. So it's a very peaceful part of my day.  

Would you miss this if you were in a car?  I think so.  But even if that weren't true a motorist certainly wouldn't feel as much a part of it, hidden as they are in their shells, as when you're in it, moving through it under your own steam, feeling the crispness on your skin and the smell of the wet leaves in your nose.  

Soon, with the clocks falling back an hour and the days getting shorter I will get to see the setting sun perform a similar show on my ride home. To anyone who has put their bike away for the season I would offer this as exhibit one in "Year-round-cycling v. Fair-weather-cyclist."


  1. I too feel the breath taken away from me on my commutes in the opposite direction. As the leaves are going through their annual colour collage choreography and gradually detaching from the trees, I marvel at the sight in front of me once there is enough morning light.
    I really should make a point of stopping to take some photos as the canopes I ride under are quite spectacular, and the leaves piled up in drifts on the road sides are quite beautiful. Sadly, there are parked cars on these routes, but I try to not let these detract from my enjoyment of the view.
    Oh and yes, I do notice it's a much better view from the recumbent!

  2. I also love the sights of fall and the joy of watching the sun emerge, sending its first feeble streaks of warmth through the chill air.

    I really think that those who try to cycle all year round get an especially rich experience of cycling. Watching the light and the seasons change, experiencing it so viscerally because you're in it, almost part of it. Collecting unique experiences ... hey wait, I realize I have the genesis of a post here! I am going to have to break off and write it - thanks for the inspiration, bentguy!


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