Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An idea so dumb it will make your brain hurt!

Okay, I'm no fan of bike helmets for many reasons but how anyone could believe that this is a good idea is beyond -- way beyond -- the pale.

So you have this light-weight poly-styrene object that you can slip into your back pocket and then with a clip here and a snap there, merely seconds later you have this...

Ta-da! Now that's safety.  The only practical use you could find for this ridiculous piece of crap would be to carry around so you could quickly slip it on your head to fool the Vancouver cops lurking around corners on the bike routes to avoid that $29 dollar ticket.  I don't know if this meets the CSA or Snell standards but I wouldn't be surprised if it did since they are so unbelievably low to begin with.

Or how about this one.  It looks a little more substantial but still... 

With the efficacy of the current standard bike helmets in serious doubt how does weakening the design to add this minor level of convenience address anything but our boundless capacity for idiocy.

But maybe you need something a little more.. say... unhinged!  There's always this fetchin' model.

Even the VPD would likely haul you over to question this one -- if for no other reason then to question your sanity.

And for those who just can't get enough distraction in their day we have the blue tooth model. 

Now you can yak on the phone or rock out to your mp3 collection whilst fooling everyone into thinking that you're the very model of the safety conscious cyclist.  Is that a semi creeping up my rear or is this the best Rush song ever?

I sense a lawsuit waiting to happen?


  1. Ha, yeah not very safe looking helmets. Maybe handy though if a bike sharing system came to Vancouver? Still not that substantial protection it looks like.

    I think that last helmet looks kinda cool though, like something out of Star Wars maybe. I'd get it just for that, and just not use the headphone part.

  2. I want the blue tooth one!!!
    It has an optional laser light show that shoots directly in to your eye balls as well.
    Also, you shake your head to shuffle to the next song ;)

  3. I thought of another good use for that star-wars-headphones helmet. I could wear it at my desk at work and listen to music, and look cool at the same time!


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