Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sue meets the cheese and all...

When I first heard of the case of Sue Abbott in Australia fighting a helmet ticket and posted a link to the original video I really didn't think that very much would come of it. Unfortunately my instinct on this account was confirmed. Sue isn't the first person to lose a court challenge to a helmet ticket and she won't be the last. Even though it's a rather more melancholy story then I hoped for I believe that there is something to be learned from this event. And fortunately Michael Rubbo has created another short film; with an expected less upbeat tone than the first but well done none the less.

I received an e-mail from Michael Rubbo last night and in it he said: "Her's as you say, is a touching story. She's a courageous lady, especially since she plans to appeal with no hope for better treatment than last time. I told Sue that I think it's silly to appeal unless she/we can get her story into the media beyond our blogs, which would be great of course. If she can do that, its likely the court will pay her and her cause more respect, even if she loses." He added, "Here' s an Idea, do you know any bike sympathetic journalists in Vancouver?  It would be neat to have someone write a piece from there in part about the woman who's a non person in her own country. It would be a legitimate angle, and the wider questions could easily be brought in."

Unfortunately I don't know any bike sympathetic journalists but if any one does, please point them in his direction.

Like Sue says, this is something that we have to solve at the political level.

Mike Rubbo's blog

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