Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's next... Google pooch view?

An article in USA Today explains that: Now Google Maps is expanding to biking and hiking trails. A Google employee on a tricycle rides around to snap the same wide-area views. "Much of the world is inaccessible to the car," says Daniel Ratner, a Google senior engineer who designed the trike. "We want to get access to places people find important."

Hiking trails eh? Well, I'll wait to see how this vehicle manages its way up the Grouse Grind. Apparently they've also considered Google boat view among other ideas. I suppose once they've mapped the entire globe from top to bottom we can enjoy crawling down the back alleys of the downtown east side from the comfort of our laptops.

It's not that I can really find much wrong with this whole Google viewing but cycle paths are for riding your bike on and hiking trails are for exploring on foot. I fear that as western countries get fatter and fatter we continue to find new ways to keep our ever expanding backsides planted on the couch.

And by the way; I have no idea how fast this guy will be going but does he really think that there is the remotest chance that he will hit his head. Unless he's just worried about that camera contraption tumbling down on his cranium. Another liddite rides again.

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