Friday, May 22, 2009

Now why didn't this idea take off?

If you can get a car driver to wear this... well that's not happening.

Cool, Light and Comfortable... really, they look cool don't they?

Even if you re-designed it to look moderately cool, if that's even possible, no driver I have ever met would be caught dead in one; especially the ones who drive hopped-up, super cool machines and love to go insanely fast. It's interesting that even the idea of this makes you laugh out loud but the idea of a bike helmet is such a serious one that laws are made to force cyclists to wear them. But it's the drivers and pedestrians who show up in emergency wards with the majority of head injuries. Should we make a law to force them to wear one of these? Can't you just hear the outrage now?

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  1. Funny, I've actually seen people - mostly guys - on bikes and on the bus wearing helmets like these. New design? Ooops, no, they're actually construction workers on their way to work with no better place to transport their noggin protector than on their noggin. I wonder if they would also wear them in their car? They look comfy enough!


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