Monday, November 30, 2009

Why I Hate Pedestrians...The Cartoon!

Dr.Ian Walker, a traffic and transport psychologist and lecturer at the University of Bath, who is now very well known in the cycling circles for being that guy who did the study on how drivers respond to helmeted, un-helmeted and female (if him in a wig fooled anyone) cyclists -- and yes, his findings indicated that drivers take greater risks when passing helmeted cyclists -- wrote this tongue-in-cheek rant on why he hates pedestrians.  It has made the rounds on the cycling blogs and it's great. I was going to post it here as well but thought, why not tamper with it.  So I employed's cartoon engine to set his little diatribe to a cartoon.  There is nothing earth shattering here and if you want to just read it, and his other writings, go to his site.  For some reason it appealed to me to make it the ranting of an old English guy.  Some of the language gets lost in the computer voice but I thought it was fun.

So with apologies to Dr. Walker...